Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions: Comparing Costs and Outcomes
Reducing Readmissions Following Bronchoscopies
Wednesday, December 8, 2021 at 6:00 pm ET
Review the healthcare quality, patient safety, and infection prevention aspects of risks associated with bronchoscopies and the impacts on 30-day readmissions based on the type of device used in the clinical procedure.
GI Panel: Duodenoscope Advances to Reduce Infectious Transmission
Join three doctors with expertise and insight into endoscope cross-contamination as they discuss their first-hand experience with the latest innovations in duodenoscope technology.
Challenges in device reprocessing are related to the lack of connection that hospital administrators and the public at large make between the resources given to our teams and the ultimate quality of surgical instruments available for every procedure.

Preventing Infection

Bigger hospitals typically offer more complex services, putting added strain on reprocessing departments — and the quality of reprocessing depends on the resources made available to the teams that do that work.

aScope Duodeno from Ambu

Endoscopy Tech

Researchers set out to evaluate and rate the feasibility, safety, performance, and user experience of a disposable duodenoscope used in ERCP procedures.

Experts agree that correct ergonomics is a learned behavior that must be practiced.

Performing Procedures

Otolaryngologists from around the world acknowledge that aches and pains are common in their profession and that they have received little training in proper ergonomics along the way.

Cross contamination concerns in flexible endoscopes have focused new attention on lingering moisture in channels.

Patient Safety

Concerns over cross-contamination and flexible endoscopes continue to fuel research and conversation around endoscope reprocessing best practices.


Public Health

A pair of studies found patients with COVID-19 or those recovered from it may deal with lingering issues.

Illustrations may help clarify the consent process better than mere words.

Bronchoscopy Procedure

A procedure-specific graphic narrative may be a “simple tool” to help ease patients through the consent process. Would it have a similar effect on alleviating stress before and after the procedure?

Dr. Michael Lipkin discusses a physician feedback survey on cost, infection prevention and environmental factors.

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Dr. Michael Lipkin discusses a recent study that found that a new single-use cystoscope demonstrated superior flexion and comparable optics to the reusable scopes already being used in a hospital urology department.

Another advantage of single-use bronchoscopes is their power to reduce hospital readmissions.

Preventing Infection

The findings are significant because reducing preventable hospital readmissions is a national priority for payers, providers, and policymakers seeking to improve healthcare and lower costs.

The need for respiratory therapists is greater than ever and their roles are expanding into new areas.

Respiratory Care Week

Respiratory care is evolving as respiratory therapists take on additional bedside roles, along with more responsibility for prevention by helping people manage their own chronic pulmonary diseases. Sam Giordano, the interim executive director of the American Association for Respiratory Care, shares the organization’s post-pandemic goals.

Dr. Pino Aliperti and Dr. Adam Elfant on the innovation of the aScope Duodeno
Dr. Michael Palese Performs Ureteral Stent Removal with the aScope 4 Cysto

Simplify Sampling in the ICU with the Ambu aScope BronchoSampler