Women In Endoscopy Webinar: Life Beyond Lockdown and Ergonomics in Endoscopy
Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions: Comparing Costs and Outcomes
Learn firsthand from expert health economists about how to compare reusable and single-use endoscopy within your facility.
Comparing the Costs of Reusable vs Single Use Bronchoscopes
Learn why moving to single-use bronchoscopy not only reduces risks to patient safety, but also saves money and reduces financial risk.
The appeal of the single-use endoscope market has only grown as the global pandemic continues to grip the world.

Analyzing Value

The disposable endoscope market is expected to grow 16.9 percent by 2028 based on its cost effectiveness, the rise in chronic diseases and heightened concern over potential cross-contamination from reusable scopes.

Emerging Technologies

The editorial board for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (GIE) has named single-use duodenoscopes on the top 10 list of most significant developments in GI endoscopy in the last year.

Financial report

Analyzing Value

When this center conducted a 90-day trial of single-use cystoscopes, the result was a major reduction in costs.

Looking for a combination of teaching modes that will produce well-rounded bronchoscopists

Best Practices

A better understanding of how bronchoscopy is supervised could improve how bronchoscopy is taught, researchers write in a study of how attending pulmonologists teach fellows.

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Applications

A new report seeks to identify not just the primary reasons for delays but to evaluate the impact of those postponements on hospital systems.

Odor Technology May Prevent Infection Spread

Performing Procedures

Smell has long been associated with disease detection, and the current COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.

Urine sample

Best Practices

Procedures were canceled at a high-volume center in the U.K. if pre-cystoscopy urinalysis suggested an infection was present. Did they need to be?

Sterile processing is only one field hard hit in the current labor market

Preventing Infection

There are multiple reasons why it’s so hard to find sterile processing technicians, nurses, and a variety of other workers these days. The Beyond Clean podcast explores what’s fueling the current challenges.

Routine bronchoscopy.

Preventing Infection

Dr. Ali Sadoughi, an interventional pulmonologist and critical care specialist at Montefiore Medical Center in New York, reacts to the updated safety communication from the FDA about reusable bronchoscopes.

Simplify Sampling in the ICU with the Ambu aScope BronchoSampler
Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions: Comparing Costs and Outcomes

Dr. Michael Palese Performs Ureteral Stent Removal with the aScope 4 Cysto