Minimizing the Risk - Disposable Scopes in the GI Suite
Comparing Single-Use vs Reusable Duodenoscopes
Russ Montgomery, PhD, reviews the cost drivers in endoscopy and the value of single-use duodenoscopes.
Evidence-Based Strategies to Eliminate Bronchoscopy-Related Infections
Dr. Hudson Garrett Jr. reviews the current evidence-based standards to reduce the risk for cross-contamination.
Endoscope reprocessing work station.

Preventing Infection

If an endoscope sits for more than one hour between pre-cleaning and the start of manual cleaning, the scope should undergo what is known as delayed reprocessing.

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Bronchoscopy Applications

In a year filled with new insights into endoscopy best practices and key developments with emerging technologies, one topic dominated reader interest above all others: COVID-19 and the impact of SARS-CoV-2.

The carbon footprints created by single-use and reusable flexible ureteroscopes are comparable, a study finds.

Emerging Technologies

A study found the environmental impact of reusable and single-use flexible ureteroscopes to be comparable, with the single-use alternative generating slightly less kg of CO2 per case.

GI Endoscopy

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Applications

The FDA’s recommendation that duodenoscope manufacturers and healthcare facilities transition to different types of duodenoscopes that may pose less risk to patient safety was a common theme in our most-read stories of the year.


Prevention Challenges

Scratches to endoscope working channels can jeopardize reprocessing’s effectiveness. A study found that some new endoscopes are damaged prior to first use.

ENT clinic

Emerging Technologies

Dr. Matthew Dahl is an otolaryngologist who sees patients at both the private Ear, Nose & Throat Center of Utah as well as on call at a local hospital. It was in the ICU recently where Dahl experienced firsthand what happens when the challenge of reprocessing endoscopes runs up against real-time patient care.

N95 Masks

Prevention Challenges

Surgical masks and proper hand hygiene protect healthcare workers from COVID-19 during aerosol-generating procedures such as bronchoscopies. PPE is also vital to keeping endoscope reprocessing staffers safe.

Reprocessing flexible endoscopes is a long, arduous process that includes 50 to 100 steps.

Preventing Infection

A study highlights the correlation between the use of accessories and increased bacterial attachment to an endoscope’s inner channels.

Single-Use Endoscopy

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