Women In Endoscopy Webinar: Life Beyond Lockdown and Ergonomics in Endoscopy
The Power of Single-Use Endoscopy
Wednesday, January 19, 2022 at 1:00 pm ET
Explore the history of single-use endoscopy in the context of other healthcare paradigm shifts and examine evidence supporting a single-use endoscopy future.
Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions: Comparing Costs and Outcomes
Learn firsthand from expert health economists about how to compare reusable and single-use endoscopy within your facility.
Can adding game elements make learning stick?

Best Practices

The medical education community hasn’t fully embraced gamification — point systems, leaderboards, social interaction — in teaching residents. But the potential for better user engagement could be worth pursuing.

Preventing Infection

Three cystoscopes and a ureteroscope all cultured negative, so what led to a cluster of suspected Burkholderia cepacia complex infections? A key process break was the culprit.

Single-Use bronchoscopes can help as we continue to learn how to live with the evolving coronavirus.

Preventing Infection

As we learn to live with the evolving novel coronavirus, bronchoscopies should no longer be delayed out of fear of infection, researchers write. New guidelines, they note, include calls for single-use bronchoscopes.

Dr. Marybeth Spanarkel - Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Is enough attention paid to ergonomics training in the endoscopy suite? Surveys suggest no, but one former GI endoscopist is working to raise awareness of ergonomics risks.

Performing Procedures

Blood in the urine may limit visualization during cystoscopy, but is that reason enough to delay the procedure? New research raises “important questions” about its use.

Analyzing Value

After 10 years of monitoring, nearly half of the nation’s hospitals have readmission rates high enough to prompt reduced Medicare payments.

Growing demand for minimally invasive surgery, new endoscopy applications, and an increase in bariatric surgery for weight reduction are driving endoscopy growth.

Performing Procedures

Artificial intelligence and robotic-assisted endoscopy are expected to stand out in the coming year, and the power of single-use endoscopes to prevent cross-contamination will keep infection prevention top of mind.

Emerging Technologies

Infection prevention, health economics, and the growing adoption of single-use endoscopes were among the themes of our most-read stories on this year.

colonoscopy on tablet

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Applications

A New Hampshire study of nearly 43,000 procedures found that many patients 75 or older continued to have procedures done even if there were no significant findings on previous exams, raising concerns of overuse.

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