aScope 5 Broncho HD Clinical Video: Valve Placement
Single-Use Bronchoscopes: Ready for Prime Time
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 at 7pm ET
Join Dr. Jonathan Kurman to discuss a new literature update on single-use comparison studies.
Flexible and Semi-Rigid Endoscope Processing : Applying the New AAMI ST91 Standard
This webinar discusses evidence-based approaches to implement the new standards across for both inpatient and outpatient settings.
Medicare penalties for high readmissions are lower than they have been, but still affect nearly 2,300 U.S. hospitals.

Value-Based Care

Lowering readmission rates remains a national priority for payers, providers and policymakers seeking to improve healthcare while reducing costs.

The 5 Most-Read GI Stories From the Second Half of 2022

Preventing Infection

Four of the top five GI stories from the latter half of this year involved reprocessing or the risk of infection transmission from reusable duodenoscopes.

Our Top 5 Urology Storylines of the Fall

Public Health

Reprocessed urological endoscopes, emerging technology, and the environmental impact of single-use endoscopes were some of the themes of our most-read stories on Single-Use Endoscopy.

SIngle-use vs. reusable bronchoscopes were top of mind with readers over the past six months.

Preventing Infection

The power of single-use bronchoscopes, their role in diagnosing COPD and their new-found role in interventional pulmonology were among the themes of our most-read stories of the past six months.

How to Prevent ‘Adverse Events’ with New Duodenoscope Models

Patient Safety

A medical device safety experts explains two health risks when disposable endcaps are not properly attached to duodenoscopes.

Emerging Technologies

Thulium lasers achieve a higher stone-free rate compared with holmium lasers after ureteroscopy lithotripsy for renal and ureteral stones, according to the study

More safety precautions needed in sterile processing departments based on splash study.

Preventing Infection

Manual cleaning of medical devices not only soaks workers at the sink, it also sends potentially contaminated droplets more than seven feet away, showing a need for better controls, new research shows.

Comparing Single-Use and Reusable Bronchoscopes for Interventional Pulmonology

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

A recent study found that three of four single-use flexible bronchoscopes that were tested performed better in flexion and extension than reusable competitors. One of the study's authors is Dr. Jonathan Kurman who is our guest on this episode.

The Medical College of Wisconsin poster looks at single-use bronchoscopes created by Olympus, Boston Scientific and Verathon, in addition to Ambu, and compares them with a reusable Olympus scope.

Bronchoscopy Procedure

Three of four single-use flexible bronchoscopes recently tested showed better flexion and extension than reusable competitors, according to a study presented last week at the World Congress for Bronchology and Interventional Pulmonology (WCBIP) 2022.

Simplify Sampling in the ICU with the Ambu aScope BronchoSampler
Dr. Srinivas Vourganti Performs Difficult Catheter Placement with the aScope 4 Cysto

Dr. Wilson Tsai Discusses the Benefits of the aScope Gastro