aScope Gastro Large | Suction Performance vs. Reusable Therapeutic Gastroscope
The Financial Case for Single-Use Endoscopy
Explore the history of single-use endoscopy in the context of other healthcare paradigm shifts and examine how recent evidence supports a single-use future.
Single-Use Bronchoscopes: Ready for Prime Time
Topics of discussion include a look at updated single-use comparison studies as well as new information on single-use versus reusable scopes.
Healthcare and med-tech companies are striving to be sustainability leaders.

Environmental Impact

Med-tech and healthcare companies are among those on the prestigious list, recognized for modifying products with sustainability in mind.

Artificial Intelligence took center stage at DDW 2024

Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Applications

One of the premier gatherings of digestive disease professionals in the world featured more than 400 educational sessions and more than 3,000 research abstracts.

A survey of infection preventionists found that product IFUs are sometimes unclear

Public Health

Patient safety depends on it, infection preventionists say.

Video Gaming may help future bronchoscopists early in their training.

Bronchoscopy Procedure

New research links video gaming skills and bronchoscopy techniques in beginners.

Examining the trade off between keeping sterile processing in-house and contracting it out

Preventing Infection

Adding procedure volume and reducing delays are some potential advantages of moving reprocessing off-site, but such a move comes with big challenges.

Standardization of endoscope drying could help keep patients safe.

Preventing Infection

Endoscope drying, a key element of patient safety, could benefit from regulation, experts say.

Are Reusable or Single-Use Urological Endoscopes the Choice for Your Facility?

Value-Based Care

The choice between reusable and disposable endoscopes sometimes comes down to economics, according to Outpatient Surgery, an AORN publication.

Single-Use Therapeutic Gastroscope Obtains FDA Clearance

Emerging Technologies

The novel device features a 4.2mm working channel and expands Ambu's portfolio of single-use endoscopes for upper gastrointestinal (GI) procedures.

Hospitals are voluntarily taking the initiative to help the environment.

Environmental Impact

Joint Commission’s Sustainable Healthcare Certification nets first recipients.

Diagnostic Bronch EBUS | Dr. Faiz Bhora Using the aScope 5 Broncho HD
Ambu | A Sustainable Future with Single-use Medical Device Products

Dr. Christopher Lisi Performs Biopsy with aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Intervention