Women In Endoscopy Webinar: Life Beyond Lockdown and Ergonomics in Endoscopy
Transitioning to Single-Use Endoscopy
Learn more about the rationale for switching from reusable to single-use endoscopes from three leading clinicians at the forefront of single-use endoscopy.
Comparing the Costs of Reusable vs Single Use Bronchoscopes
Learn why moving to single-use bronchoscopy not only reduces risks to patient safety, but also saves money and reduces financial risk.

Performing Procedures

Memorial Health System in Ohio calls the transition to single-use duodenoscopes ‘a win for both physicians and patients’ by marrying innovative design with a mission to advance patient safety.

‘Endoscopy Insights’ Podcast Launched

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Each episode will explore the ways different clinical and technological innovations are moving endoscopy forward while also analyzing infection control challenges and other issues facing the field.

Cross-country skiier

Public Health

U.K. specialists chose a flexible single-use rhinolaryngoscope to identify laryngeal obstruction during exercise for a new line of care they were opening.

Best Practices in Endoscope Reprocessing

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Dr. Larry Muscarella delves into more detail on reprocessing best practices and some of the challenges therein. He also shares his key takeaways from the FDA letter — for clinicians, regulators and healthcare consumers alike.

Infection Control Risks and Endoscopy

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

What are the challenges, and potential missteps, when it comes to reprocessing bronchoscopes, GI endoscopes and ureteroscopes? We explore these questions and more with Dr. Hudson Garrett.

alleviate pain associated with flexible cystoscopy in male patients

Best Practices

A systematic review uncovers ways to reduce the pain of flexible cystoscopy without the use of drugs.

Patient Safety

A new study out of Brazil chronicles the microbial testing of brand new gastroscope channels after 30 and 60 days to assess damage and biofilm formation.

Best Practices

When evaluating their own prescribing practices, physicians at Vanderbilt University Medical Center realized much of it was based on habits rather than need.

The Global Pandemic is Being Blamed For Disrupting Steady Progress in Reducing Healthcare-Associated Infections

Preventing Infection

As the novel coronavirus continues to flare across the U.S., the pandemic also tramples years of progress made in reducing several healthcare-associated infections.

Duodenoscope Contamination: A Systematic Review of The Evidence
Single-Use Endoscopy Solutions: Comparing Costs and Outcomes

Reusable vs Single-Use Rhinolaryngoscopes: Comparing the Costs and Performance