The Financial Case for Single-Use Endoscopy
Risks Between Reusable vs. Disposable Flexible Endoscopes: A Clinical Risk Management Perspective
Tuesday, August 30, 2022 at 1pm ET
This webinar will discuss evidence-based strategies to reduce patient harm and risk in inpatient and outpatient settings where flexible endoscopy is performed.
Women In Endoscopy: Life Beyond Lockdown and Ergonomics in Endoscopy
This joint panel discussion features female leaders in gastroenterology who face these challenges head on every day.
Otolaryngology residency programs are getting into the Instagram game.

Public Health

The matching of medical students with residency programs has been around for years, but Instagram has only recently gotten into the game. Here’s how otolaryngology residency programs are making use of social media to attract the best and brightest to their schools.

Becoming a Next-Gen Urologist

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

Dr. Matthew Katz is affiliated with NYU Langone Health and is a clinical assistant professor in the urology department at the NYU Grossman School of Medicine. He brings a unique perspective to starting a urology practice today, as we learned at AUA 2022.

Prevention Strategies

“If it looks dirty, it’s definitely dirty. If it looks clean, it might still be dirty” — a recent webinar explains this critical insight and more regarding recently mandated cleaning verification tests for high-risk endoscopes.

Older adults are often misdiagnosed when it comes to COPD.

Public Health

That common misclassification is associated with higher respiratory symptom burden, healthcare usage and lower physical performance.

Fiberoptic Endoscopic Evaluation of Swallowing can help oral cancer patients regain their quality of life.

Patient Safety

New research shows that swallowing therapy, including use of fiberoptic endoscopic evaluation of swallowing (FEES), helps patients with advanced oral cancer regain their ability to eat.

Some Welcome Changes That Are Helping to Diversify Urology

Public Health

Surgical specialties like urology lack ethnic and gender diversity. The solution, experts say, is to introduce students to urology education at an early age, then follow up with targeted learning and mentorship programs to bridge the diversity gap.

Emerging Technologies

A study dives into that question and many more, conceding that coming up with an answer is “complex and nuanced.” But single-use duodenoscopes are one possible solution — if they can answer important performance questions.

How Robotics is Shaping the Future of Urology

Emerging Technologies

Robotics took center stage at this year’s American Urology Association (AUA) annual meeting, with panels on second-generation robotic ureteroscopes, emerging robotic surgical systems, and a battle of the bots.

Infection preventionisists have insights to offer in the world of endoscope reprocessing.

Patient Safety

Job descriptions for IPs are starting to include oversight of the endoscope disinfecting process and that could be a big step toward improved patient and clinician safety.

Dr. Shiv Desai Details How the aScope Rhino Is the Perfect Patient Scope for Radiation Oncology
aScope 4 Cysto Procedure- Stent Removal with Grasper

Dr. Vani Konda, MD Talks about the Benefits of the aScope Gastro for Bedside Evaluations