Duodenoscope Calculator Breaks Down ERCP Procedural Costs


Costs will vary by institution, based on equipment used, reprocessing methods and number of annual procedures.

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Webinar: Comparing the Health Economics of Reusable vs. Single-use Bronchoscopes
Supply Costs
The fourth installment in the 'Bronchoscopy During COVID-19' series explores some important patient safety and financial considerations to take into account during these economically uncertain times brought on by SARS-CoV-2.
Improper Waste Disposal Costs Millions at U.S. Hospitals
Supply Costs
A survey of gastroenterologists and nurses found most are unaware of the correct way to dispose of endoscopic accessories. And incorrectly sorting those accessories as regulated medical waste increases costs as well as the environmental footprint of hospitals.
Costs Will Be Top of Mind For Providers Switching to Duodenoscopes with New Design Features
Supply Costs
A single scope can cost about $35,000, depending on the manufacturer, meaning high-volume facilities with a fleet of duodenoscopes are looking at hundreds of thousands of dollars in capital expenditures.
How Disposable Products Could Save Your Hospital Money
Value-Based Care
While disposable products can come with a higher upfront sticker price, they can actually save your hospital money. Re-usables often require extensive reprocessing, and can be an obstacle to maximizing patient throughput.
Here’s How Much Improper Waste Disposal Costs U.S. Hospitals
Supply Costs
Endoscopy is part of the problem – a survey of doctors, nurses, and technicians found that most are unaware of the correct protocol for disposing accessories, including those used to take samples during a bronchoscopy.
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This review assesses the effectiveness of guidance from multiple international societies on performing bronchoscopies during the pandemic.

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The percentage of women urologists is the highest it’s ever been.

What Does the Future Hold For SIngle-Use Bronchoscopes?

Preventing Infection

Single-use bronchoscopes have provided an extra layer of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic when bronchoscopy or intubation cannot be avoided, according to research. What does this mean for the future of bronchoscopy?