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Not All Contamination is Created Equal


Among the rare cases of injury or death linked to endoscope contamination, nasopharyngoscopes rank far lower than bronchoscopes and duodenoscopes.

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Quantifying Infection Risk and Cost-Effectiveness in Bronchoscopy
Value-Based Care
The total cost per use of a single-use bronchoscope is 12 percent less than for a reusable bronchoscope, according to a new study. Single-use bronchoscopes also help significantly reduce infection risk, further decreasing potential costs per procedure.
Does Microbial Testing Make Financial Sense?
Value-Based Care
U.S. multisociety guidelines have no preferred recommendation for testing the adequate reprocessing of endoscopes. Microbial testing is timely and costly but, given the cost associated with transmitting an infection, is the time and money worth it?
How Biofilm on Flexible Scopes Shields MDROs
Prevention Challenges
Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria can thrive in biofilm that can form on bronchoscope lumen tubes if they are not properly cleaned. Vigorous adherence to all reprocessing steps—especially precleaning at bedside—is needed to help limit the risk of cross-contamination.
COVID-19 Symptoms vs. Routine Seasonal ENT Issues
Preventing Infection
Recognizing the differences between COVID-19 symptoms and those of allergies, sinus infections and upper respiratory infections can help keep ENTs and their staff safe.
Q&A: Why Single-Use Rhinolaryngoscopes Improve Productivity Without Compromising Quality For Bedside Exams
Performing Procedures
When immediate access and portability are essential, single-use endoscopes are the answer in bedside flexible rhinolaryngology exams. So says Dr. Eric Blicker, a Florida speech-language pathologist and board-certified specialist in swallowing and swallowing disorders.
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Looking Back on the Safety of Bronchoscopy at the Start of the Pandemic

Preventing Infection

This review assesses the effectiveness of guidance from multiple international societies on performing bronchoscopies during the pandemic.

What Does the Future Hold For SIngle-Use Bronchoscopes?

Preventing Infection

Single-use bronchoscopes have provided an extra layer of safety during the COVID-19 pandemic when bronchoscopy or intubation cannot be avoided, according to research. What does this mean for the future of bronchoscopy?

What Role Do Healthcare Floors Play in Controlling Infection?

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A decade of studies shows evidence that floors can serve as a reservoir for microorganisms, but there has been little research on the possible transmission of those organisms from floor to host.