In Search of Best Practices For Training Bronchoscopists


A better understanding of how bronchoscopy is supervised could improve how bronchoscopy is taught, researchers write in a study of how attending pulmonologists teach fellows.

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New Infection Control Thinking on Pathogens on Healthcare Floors
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A decade of studies shows evidence that floors can serve as a reservoir for microorganisms, but there has been little research on the possible transmission of those organisms from floor to host.
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Research from the University of Florida examined the value of mandated COVID testing of asymptomatic patients before bronchoscopy procedures in reducing risk to healthcare workers. Find out what happened in one hospital that did not require such testing.
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Understanding Gender Disparity in Lung Cancer Treatment Outcomes
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Women are at higher risk for lung cancer, but experience better outcomes than men following surgical treatment. More research is needed to understand both the higher risk and the better outcomes in women, experts say.
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Odor Technology May Prevent Infection Spread

Performing Procedures

Smell has long been associated with disease detection, and the current COVID-19 pandemic is no exception.

UF Department of Radiation Oncology Praises Single-Use Scopes

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The University of Florida’s radiation oncology department now uses single-use rhinolaryngoscopes to diagnose and treat head and neck cancers.

Ambu aScope 4 RhinoLaryngo Slim

Emerging Technologies

Research presented at COSM 2021 suggests disposable video monitor assisted flexible laryngoscopes possess many advantages when compared to the standard reusable options.