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In a year filled with new insights into endoscopy best practices and key developments with emerging technologies, one topic dominated reader interest above all others: COVID-19 and the impact of SARS-CoV-2.

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Bronchoscopy During COVID-19: Reviewing an International Expert Panel Practice Statement
Best Practices
Bronchoscopy remains an important diagnostic and therapeutic tool in critically ill patients, but careful preparation and precautions are necessary considering the number of healthcare workers who've been sickened by the novel coronavirus. Dr. Angela Argento and Dr. Elizabeth Malsin discuss what they've learned performing bronchoscopies during the pandemic.
Panel Recommends Safe Ways to Practice Bronchoscopy During Pandemic
Prevention Challenges
Bronchoscopy may still be warranted for suspected or confirmed COVID-19 cases despite aerosolization risks. An international panel of pulmonary and critical care specialists offers recommendations for safely doing procedures.
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ENT clinic

Emerging Technologies

Dr. Matthew Dahl is an otolaryngologist who sees patients at both the private Ear, Nose & Throat Center of Utah as well as on call at a local hospital. It was in the ICU recently where Dahl experienced firsthand what happens when the challenge of reprocessing endoscopes runs up against real-time patient care.

How Biofilm on Flexible Scopes Shields MDROs

Prevention Challenges

Antimicrobial-resistant bacteria can thrive in biofilm that can form on bronchoscope lumen tubes if they are not properly cleaned. Vigorous adherence to all reprocessing steps—especially precleaning at bedside—is needed to help limit the risk of cross-contamination.

 Testing the adequate reprocessing of endoscopes

Value-Based Care

U.S. multisociety guidelines have no preferred recommendation for testing the adequate reprocessing of endoscopes. Microbial testing is timely and costly but, given the cost associated with transmitting an infection, is the time and money worth it?