aScope 4 Cysto from Ambu

U.K. Hospital Increases Patient Satisfaction, Saves Money with Single-Use Transition


Findings relating to cost-effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and productivity all justified the switch.

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Unexpected Contamination Sources in Cystoscopy
Preventing Infection
When 71 patients developed B. cepacia urinary tract infections in 2018, investigators first wrongly identified an inadequately sanitized cystoscope as the contamination source.
Podcast: Why Bladder Cancer Patients Should Get Vaccinated
Preventing Infection
“In terms of the vaccination, there’s really no evidence to suggest that that will interfere with their bladder cancer treatment,” Dr. Seth P. Lerner said on the Bladder Cancer Matters podcast.
FDA Investigating Reports of Infections Associated with Reprocessed Urological Endoscopes
Patient Safety
Over the last four years, the FDA received more than 450 medical device reports describing post-procedure patient infections or other potential contamination issues involving reprocessed urological endoscopes. The agency says it’s investigating potential causes and contributing factors.
How Do the Carbon Footprints of Single-Use and Reusable Ureteroscopes Compare?
Emerging Technologies
A study found the environmental impact of reusable and single-use flexible ureteroscopes to be comparable, with the single-use alternative generating slightly less kg of CO2 per case.
Bladder Cancer Cases Expected to Rise in 2021
Public Health
While many cancers are predicted to drop in 2021, the American Cancer Society’s annual Facts & Figures report anticipates an increase in bladder cancer.
More From Single-Use Endoscopy
Flexible endoscopes require reprocessing between uses.

Patient Safety

New multisociety guidelines for flexible endoscope reprocessing leave some infection prevention experts wanting more clarification.

Emerging Technologies

Findings relating to cost-effectiveness, patient satisfaction, and productivity all justified the switch.

Technician cleaning surgical equipment.

Prevention Challenges

Webinar discusses unique risks to reprocessing personnel posed by the spray of dangerous chemicals and potentially contaminants during disinfection of endoscopes.