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Study: Continuous Visualization During OLV Saves Time, Reduces Procedures

“By reducing the need for flexible bronchoscopy (FB) use, valuable procedure time may be saved when needing to correct and confirm placement of the double-lumen tube."

Ambu’s camera-integrated double-lumen tube was found to reduce the time to intubation and the need for bronchoscope use during one-lung ventilation, which is a procedure essential to most thoracic surgeries.

The device’s continuous visualization feature helps clinicians detect dislodgement during patient repositioning and maintains intubation throughout the procedure. Those findings were included on a poster presented at the International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research (ISPOR) in November 2023.

The literature review, “Implications of VivaSight-DL: Procedural Impact of a Camera-Integrated Double Lumen Tube,” was written by three health economists at Ambu USA.

Conventional double-lumen tubes are commonly used in one-lung ventilation (OLV) and typically require use of a flexible bronchoscope to confirm correct positioning. Ambu’s camera-integrated double-lumen tube can eliminate the need for a bronchoscopy to confirm positioning.

“By reducing the need for flexible bronchoscopy (FB) use, valuable procedure time may be saved when needing to correct and confirm placement of the double-lumen tube,” the authors wrote.

Intubation and airway management during lung isolation is challenging for medical teams because the tubes can be difficult to insert and patient safety can be compromised and surgery time prolonged if the patient’s body moves. Studies have shown that patient malposition rates run as high as 48 percent.

Ambu’s camera-integrated double-lumen tube reduces these risks and improves efficiencies, research shows.

The research reviewed and summarized the latest evidence of procedural differences between conventional double-lumen tubes and Ambu’s camera-integrated double lumen tube. It included publications from January 1, 2018 to June 19, 2023

Ambu’s camera-integrated double-lumen tube decreased the need to use flexible bronchoscopes to confirm correct positioning of the DLT in the patient by 81 percent vs. the conventional double lumen tube, according to the research.

In addition, the average time to successful intubation was 46 percent faster when using the Ambu camera-integrated scope, the review showed.


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Given the high costs of OR time, hospitals are always looking for ways to be more efficient. OLV procedures are typically lengthy and require general anesthesia in an operating room, leaving potential for complications in a population already at risk.

Ambu’s camera-integrated double-lumen tube has been shown to increase procedural and OR efficiency and may provide cost-savings to hospitals by reducing the need for bronchoscope use and by improving use of resources, according to the review findings.

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