‘Promising’ Results Seen in Recyclability of Single-Use Duodenoscope

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‘Promising’ Results Seen in Recyclability of Single-Use Duodenoscope

“After the final material analysis, we expect that over 80 percent by weight of the aScopeDuodeno will be recyclable.”

The first study reporting the recyclability of single-use duodenoscopes found the process to be “technically demanding” but with “quite promising” results.

The overall recyclability of the Ambu aScope Duodeno was greater than 61 percent, according to the abstract of a recent analysis published in Endoscopy. Recycling rather than incinerating the scopes lowered carbon dioxide emission by 1.467 grams per scope.

Single-Use Endoscopy is an Ambu-powered online learning center, though the study authors declared no conflicts of interest.

“After the final material analysis, we expect that over 80 percent by weight of the aScopeDuodeno will be recyclable,” the authors conclude.

Researchers analyzed 52 recycled duodenoscopes which were precleaned and disinfected before they were stored and transferred to a recycling facility, where they were shredded and steam sterilized. Up to nine different raw materials may be obtained “due to the special processing technology,” the authors write.

“Single-use devices and equipment have been widely adopted in flexible endoscopy and currently almost all reusable accessories are abandoned due to hygiene, medico-legal and economic reasons,” the analysis begins. “During the last 10 years also single-use endoscopes were deployed in the clinical routine, mainly in bronchoscopy and recently for duodenoscopy (ERCP) and gastroscopy to eliminate the risk of cross-contamination."

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