A Day in the Life of an ENT Resident

Endoscopy Insights Podcast

A Day in the Life of an ENT Resident

"One of the things that was probably the most valuable thing that we were able to garner from a single-use experience was that we were able to only have to really scope a patient one time."

Dr. Wesley Stepp is a resident at the University of North Carolina’s Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. UNC is a national leader in training the next generation of ear, nose and throat surgeons and Dr. Stepp brings an interesting perspective to this kind of work.

Not just because his first exposure to otolaryngology was having sinus surgery in his teens, which proved life changing and set him on his eventual academic and professional course. But also because in his work today as a senior resident, he’s seen firsthand how single-use endoscopy technology has impacted his practice in several ways — from workflow and efficiency to information sharing and medical decision making to patient education.

We talked about all this and more with Dr. Stepp, who graduated from the University of North Carolina School of Medicine in 2019 and who will take his practice to the military soon. Dr. Stepp is an Ambu consultant.

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