Single-use endoscopes show their power to reduce the risk of infection transmission and be cost-effective.

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Why it’s Time to Turn the Traditional Healthcare Value Analysis ‘On Its Head’

“I definitely see single-use as a huge game changer.”

A true healthcare value analysis should consider the total cost of care rather than simply calculating the price of materials and maintenance.

That’s according to one expert speaking as part of a recent panel discussion hosted by Becker’s Hospital Review, entitled ”The Financial Case for Single-Use Endoscopy.” The event was part of the publication’s 12th Annual Meeting.

“We have not done a great job at it,” said India Randerson, vice president of strategic sourcing and procurement to payment at Henry Ford Health. “We really need to turn that traditional cost analysis on its head.”

The risk of a hospital-acquired infection cannot be left out of such an analysis, Randerson said. The cost used to treat one could have been used elsewhere in patient care and wellness.

Staffing shortages continue to plague the healthcare system, she noted, though in southeast Michigan that challenge predates the COVID-19 pandemic. Finding certified sterile processing technicians has been a challenge “for quite some time,” Randerson said.

Randerson also estimated that processing reusable endoscopes costs Henry Ford Health between $1,500 and $1,800 per scope each year — and the risk of cross-contamination persists despite the price tag.

“I definitely see single-use as a huge game changer,” she said.

Wes Scruggs, vice president of corporate accounts for Ambu Inc., a single-use endoscope manufacturer, moderated the panel discussion, which also featured:

  • Brian Howard, director of contract services, Vizient
  • Karen Conway, vice president of healthcare value, GHX
  • Karen Niven, director of performance groups, Premier, and president-elect, AHVAP

To learn more and hear other key takeaways, watch the entire conversation here.

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